Cairelle Crow

Cairelle is a genealogist, author, and wanderess of wild and holy spaces. She has walked a Goddess path for 30+ years, exploring, learning, and growing. Her company, Sacred Roots, is dedicated to introducing magical people to their ancestral truths, and she organizes Divine You retreats, which connects magical women to sacred travel experiences. When she’s not roaming the world in search of grandmothers, quirky art, and stone circles, Cairelle is home in New Orleans where she lives joyfully, loves intensely, and laughs frequently with beloved family and friends. Find her online at

Laura Louella

Laura is an author and a certified Pilates Instructor committed to teaching the strength that lies within. She is the owner of Goddess Pilates, where she blends the art of sacred movement with the beauty of Goddess. Many days you can find her tending her garden, taking long walks through the forest, sitting by the river, or creating a quilt on her 1936 Featherweight Singer sewing machine. Laura lives in the Cascade Mountains of Northern California. You can find her on Instagram at @LauraLouella.