I’m Laura Louella

I am a Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple. Since childhood, I have been on a spiritual journey but like a lot of us, much too often I’ve been sidetracked by life. Over the last 10 years, I’ve had the time to be more focused on my path and in my searching and reading, Brigid came to me and spoke to my soul.

 As I began studying and learning more about Her, I was intrigued. She called and I could not ignore it, but She was subtle at first. The number 19 kept appearing and then, on a trip to visit my mother, I asked for the genealogy book of our family and there was Brigid in the form of a surname that comes from a town in England with a Brigid’s Well. That moment was magical and I felt as if she was whispering, “I have been waiting.” To me, Brigid is Love. She has the heart of a warrior mother. 

Other bits about me:

I am an Encourager.

I became a Pilates Instructor after realizing I was drawn to help people maintain their health, to stay strong, and to recognize their resilient, beautiful bodies. I love seeing people come fully into their power and meet  life’s challenges with confidence.

I am a Quilter.

Quilting is very much akin to how I view people, and life. In gathering all the pieces of cloth I need to begin my process of creating, I see some have more intense color, others have a depth of texture, there are unique shapes, each one has a different sheen, and every piece is beautiful to me. I find great joy in the assembly of these tiny masterpieces, and using my hands and talent to create a of a one-of-a-kind work of art is deeply satisfying and very magical, and that vibe is imbued in every one of my quilts.

I am a Traveler.

I caught the bug and now I can’t help but plan my next trip! Exploring new places thrills me and, near or far, I am always off to see something new.

I am a Mother.

I was blessed with four beautiful, amazing children, all of whom are now grown, and growing families of their own.

I am a Mountain Woman.

I reside in the Cascade Mountains in Northern California. My home is located at the mouth of a peaceful, lush, green canyon that envelopes me and creates a sense of being held safe by Mother Earth. I love my life here!

And, that’s me! I thank you for taking the time to read! If you’re so inclined, look for me on Instagram and give me a follow. I am @LauraLouella.

Bright Blessings!